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Surprise Your Friends And Family With Something Special like this…

And you didn’t buy it from the bakery. You can make this. You can do it!

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“Where did you buy this awesome cake?”
They can’t believe YOU really made it…
“Can I have one more please?”
They just can’t stop eating these cakes
“Mom, that’s delicious…”
It’s because I love you… 🙂

Would you like to bake and design beautiful pastries like this?

A cake that is all about hazelnuts…

Or This?

The traditional King’s cake baked in a pate a brisee shell…

Or Impress your friends and family with this beauty

The perfect cake for the Holiday season…

A luxury tart with coco blanc manger, pineapple filling, and smooth vanilla mousse

If that doesn’t suit your fancy…how about impressing your company with these concoctions….:

A delicious tart combination with strawberry cheese pudding, sponge layers and whipped cream
A delicious savory pie made with blitz puff pastry and a chicken vegetable filling.
Surprise your family and/or friends with this impressive dessert
Baked meringue with whipped vanilla cream and fresh berries.

Impress your family and friends and learn a new skill and learn how to make these mouth watering eye catching pastries…. The following is a testimonial from Keikos-cake.com. I am an affiliate of this company and will stand to make a commission on any purchases made through these links. I do appreciate all my readers support as I continue to bring good quality content. I think this would be an interesting class to take on pastry skills that will last a lifetime. Here is a note from Chef Keiko

Dear Pastry Friend,

My name is Keiko. I am a pastry chef and I also give pastry lessons. Maybe you know me from Facebook…

My students are “normal” people with no former education or special skills in baking…

  • Moms and housewifes who wish to make something special for their family
  • Students who like to bring a delicious cake to the next party
  • Office workers who love to put smiles on their colleague’s faces…
  • Hobby bakers who dream of starting a home-based cake business

But Isn’t It Difficult?

It’s true… it takes years of practice and working on the job to study the many aspects of ingredients, flavors, and textures… and to create masterful recipes.

That’s what pastry chefs do, right? 🙂

But to successfully bake these cakes, you don’t need to invest the many years of study.

It’s like driving a car… engineers invent the car, but you don’t need to be an engineer to drive a car. In the same way, normal people can bake the cakes that pastry chefs invent. It’s much easier than you might think.

If I tell you the exact amounts and ingredients, and if I show you exactly what to do — step-by-step — then you will be able to get the same results.

There’s no magic involved. The physics and chemistry of baking will do the work. And they are the same all around the world…

All you need are real first-class recipes and the exact step-by-step guides to make these delicious cakes.

Imagine what your friend’s reactions will be when you present a professional cake next time. Not an expensive cake you bought in the patisserie… a professional and delicious cake that YOU made all by yourself!

Keikos-Cake Can Help You Reach That Goal

Read what members say about keikos-cake.com and watch the example video below. I’m looking forward to welcoming you as a new member of my pastry friend community.

Happy baking!


“By far the best online baking tutorials ever!”

Sammy, London

Improve Your Baking Skills With Ease

How Does It Work?

Let’s say you want to make an excellent dessert cake for a special occasion. You scroll through the cake gallery on keikos-cake and pick the Strawberry Mascarpone Eclair. It’s a delicious combination of choux pastry with a red crust and a filling of mascarpone/pastry cream with a strawberry jelly center.

And it looks really nice:

You can buy exquisite eclair variations like this in top patisseries in Paris for up to $8 a piece. But now you’re going to make eight of these little beauties in your kitchen at home (instead of spending $64 in the patisserie)… Wow! 🙂

First, you watch the video that comes with the eclair guide. It’s a 15 minute video that shows how Chef Keiko makes these eclairs from start to finish.

Eclairs lesson

You see every step. You see the consistency of the batter and creams. You see all the motions and techniques. You see how you can make these exact eclairs.

The 35-pages eclairs guide contains the detailed recipe and goes through all the steps of making the choux pastry, the red crust, the pastry cream and mascarpone cream filling, the strawberry jelly, and the decoration. You can see every step. This way, you know exactly what to do.

And then… you just make the eclairs.

Share The Stunning Results With Your Amazed Guests

And the Strawberry Mascarpone Eclair is just one of over 150 cakes and desserts that are waiting for you to try. Each one of them comes with a detailed video and step-by-step guide. And new cake guides are added each month.

“But what if my cake doesn’t look so nice and perfect as on your shiny pictures?”

No problem! You can always just ask the Chef for help! Post your cake pictures in the member forum and Chef Keiko will tell you what went wrong and how to fix it. Isn’t it nice to have a pastry chef give you specific tips how to improve your cakes to perfection?

What Members Say…

“I have always wanted to take professional pastry classes so finding Keikos Cake was a godsend. I’m able to work on projects in my spare time and have learned so many baking techniques. I used to be intimidated about making elaborate desserts but no longer. Keikos Cake has given me the tools I need to be a confident baker.
The joy that my baked goods have brought to my friends, co- workers and family members is priceless. Thank you Keikos Cake for helping me fulfill a lifelong dream.”
Linda, Chicago, Illinois

“Joining Keiko’s cake is the best thing I have ever done in terms of advancing my baking skill level ! Keiko’s recipes are precise and clear not mentioning how delicious every recipe truly is ! I really feel fortunate to be able to create world class cakes and desserts at home . I am very confident my replicates of keiko’s cakes are as good as any bakeries in my city if not better 🙂 because friends and family told me so after eating my creations! Trust me , you will be amazed !”
Andria Kuei, San Francisco Bay Area

“Finding your site was a dream come true! Had been looking at courses, etc unsuccessfully for a while. Your recipes are amazing complete with the best comprehensive guidance & tutoring. And last but not least; STUNNING results! Thank you very much Keiko!!!”
Juniper, Bristol, UK

The Skill Is Yours For A Lifetime

The things you learn and your improved baking skills… you and your family will enjoy the benefits for a long time.

Especially your family, your kids, your partner, your friends… they will be so happy to have someone around who can make such delicious cakes. 🙂

It’s never too late to learn new things and improve your life. You know, even Chefs keep learning new things about baking all the time. The baking journey never ends.

These are pictures from a class for professionals I attended some time ago. We mastered eight extremely delicious cakes in that course. It was a $600 masterclass in Belgium. That’s $75 per recipe… and it was well worth it. 🙂

These are my variations of two of these deluxe treats. Members of keikos-cake find the full guides in the cake gallery.

Come Inside…

xDownloadable guides (pdf) with step-by-step instructions. Immediate access to more than 150 cake and dessert guides.
xVideos showing how Keiko prepares the cakes.
Every cake and dessert comes with a detailed video.
xAccess to the community forum.
Show your cake implementations or ask for help. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a professional patissier answer your pastry questions?
xFrequent updates, new exclusive cake guides and videos.
Chef Keiko posts three new videos and cake guides every month.
xDownloadable content.
Secure the videos and pdf guides on your PC at home.
xImmediate online access.
Sit back and start watching the cake videos in just a minute.

Start This Baking Journey Today!

There’s enough to keep you busy for months to come. Your new favorite cake is already waiting for you… 🙂

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