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I wanted to share with my subscribers the cake I did this year for Easter. Also, I want to explain why I have not submitted anything lately.

Empty Tomb Easter Cake

As everyone is dealing with this COVID19 Pandemic, I have to admit, my family and I are staying home a lot as needed. The challenge of keeping a kid entertained, we are all playing board games and having great quality family time.

My kids are homeschoolers so staying home and homeschooling is not an issue at all. It’s my kid having to not go and be with his friends is a bit of a challenge. My son looooves playing with his group of friends and being cooped up in the house all the time, we have to come up with different activities to keep our sanity with a hyperactive kid.

So, long story short, we’ve been having a lot of family fun with playing epic board games, video games that we can all play together, etc. We have been playing one of our games for over a week or so and enjoying it. It is great bonding time.

Easter 2020

I hope that whoever is reading this had a wonderful Easter holiday. If you are like us, it was rather unusual to say the least. I had hoped to be able to go to church services, but sadly that was not an option this year. However, we made the most of it.

We enjoyed church through Facebook which was nice. It wasn’t quite the same but, that’s okay. Better to be safe than sorry.

In an effort to make Easter more special, I made a red velvet cake with cream cheese icing. So, I was going with the theme as the red velvet symbolizing the blood that was shed for us and the white cream cheese icing symbolizes that He washes us white as snow. No matter what sin we have committed and no matter how low we are, Jesus washes our sins away leaving us white as snow. Jesus renews us making us whole.

The tomb was empty

The cake was a hit in my house as well as the fried chicken that I made in the air fryer and the potato salad that was absolutely wonderful. I also included green beans with bacon. MMMMMMM!

Yummy AirFried Chicken
Video and Post coming soon

I don’t have a particular recipe for the cake. I just used a cake mix for that but I did find a great recipe for the cream cheese icing. That was homemade and it turned out nice. I found that recipe on Pinterest. I will post the link here. I love the recipes on this Pin as the flavor for the icing turns out so good you have to really control yourself or you will lick the whole bowl!

Anyways, here is how my cake turned out. I will be doing some more posts soon. God Bless!

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