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In Case you forgot to put them out to soak…

Today I am sharing a Pressure Cooker tip on doing a “pre-soak” for any bean recipe that you are doing in your Electric Pressure Cooker. 

Sure, you can add the dry beans to a Instant Pot bean recipe but, for me, I do not like the way the beans turn out at the end. 

When doing a dry bean recipe, you always want to either set your beans out and soak them overnight or the morning of if you plan on Pressure Cooking them with a given recipe. 

However, if any of you are like me and forget to plan ahead, here is a trick that I do all of the time and my beans come out perfect. 

1. go ahead and sort and wash beans really well

2.  Add beans with at least 4 cups of water or more.  You want plenty of water to cover your beans and with enough head room for your beans to swell.  I would say to give your beans and extra 3 inches of water above the beans. 

3. Add a few drops of Extra Virgin Olive Oil. 

4. Close your cooker lid and close your steam valve.

5.Set your cooker on manual for 5 minutes on high pressure. 

6. Let your beans do a long slow release.

FYI – When I was working full time, I would do this trick as soon as I got home from work in the afternoon, then I would go take a shower or take a little catnap or water my plants, etc.   The beans will be ready when you are. 

7. Then when I am ready to finish cooking my beans, I drain and rinse my beans.  Then add back to the pot with whatever recipe you are making. 

I add my hamhock (for Pinto Beans) or do my Great Northern Bean Soup (white beans).  They will be ready for you when you are ready to finish cooking your beans.  (One of the awesome features of having an Electric Pressure Cooker….you can make it work for you)

By doing this little trick, my beans turn out like they have been cooking all day and more importantly for me is no “hard” beans in your soup. 

For those who haven’t seen my Great Northern White Bean Soup recipe….

Here is a link….https://www.whatchyacookin.com/recipe/great-northern-white-bean-soup-done-in-electric-pressure-cooker/

Bean Soup with cornbread
Great Northern Bean Soup

Also, you gotta have cornbread with your beans. So, here is a recipe that I make in my air-fryer…


cornbread in airfryer
“I Love That Cornbread!” My 7 yr old says with a big smile.

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Thank you and have a great day!