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By K. Armstrong Dec 18, 2019
Pressure Cookers are the new way of cooking for many people these days. While they seem to be intimidating to some, others have taken on the “Instant Pot” with full confidence and enjoying the many benefits that they provide. It seems that everywhere you go these days, people are looking for easier and faster ways of doing things.

If you are one who is tired of giving your hard-earned money to the fast food industry and would like to enjoy some good healthy home cookin, then the electric pressure cooker is just what you need.

It allows you to not only pressure cook but you can sauté or brown, steam, bake, slow cook, and make yogurt all with a few short steps. It provides the home cook with a hands-off approach of making a good meal while you are out running errands or helping the little ones with homework.

After doing some research on the best possible brands of Pressure Cookers, I found the Top 5 major brands of Pressure Cookers that out performed their competitors.  According to www.bestreviews.com, a case study comparing the top 50 major brands of pressure cookers were tested for their ease of use as well as their price and performance ratings.  Also, Good Housekeeping did their own research and testing and the following is what they found:

1. The Instant Pot Duo or the Lux 60 :
• Besides its huge name and reputation, it has been rated as the “Best of the Best” and the reason being is its ease of use.
• It is well made and durable
• People trust it
• Top lab pick. Performed best of the best

• Some say that it is too complex than needed

Breville - One of the Top 5 Pressure Cookers on the Market
Breville – One of the Top 5 Pressure Cookers on the Market

2. Breville Fast Slow Pro
• High Performance Pressure Cooker
• Good Slow Cooker
• Offers 11 preset pressure-cooking settings plus a custom option
• Large LCD display makes it easy to see and use
• Offers tons of customizable settings
• You can control the concise pressure level from 1.5psi to 12psi
• Auto quick, auto pulse, or natural pressure release
• Costs more than the competitors

3. Mealthy 9 in 1 Programmable Pressure Cooker
• Many happy customers. More than the complaints
• 9 cook settings
• Digital control panel with 14 touch preset buttons that take the guess work out of preparing many dishes.
• A comprehensive accessory set and access to app for recipe ideas
• Many user-friendly features
• Some owners complained about lost pressure and/or controls that stopped working

4. Cosori Electric Pressure Cooker
• Can perform as many functions as the higher priced options
• Affordable
• Offers 8 functions in one handy appliance including steam and slow cook functions
• Touch Panel – 16 easy to use preset functions
• Stainless steel inner pot
• Comes with more accessories than the higher priced option
• Best bang for your buck
• Programmable Pressure levels
• Offer up to 2 year warranty
• Longevity concerns
• Few units failed to work after several months of use
• Lid seal failure sometimes

5. CrockPot Express Cook
• Best for slow cooker fans
• Slow cook, pressure cook, brown saute and steam
• Made with a delay start and keep warm reature so you can hold your food at the ideal serving temperature
• Excelled at slow cooking
• Most affordable for features provided
• Noisy while under pressure.
• Does not beep when reaching pressure

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