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So, last night I made meatloaf with baked potatoes in My Cosori Pressure Cooker. To get that caramelized crust, I finished the meatloaf in my Cooks Essentials Air fryer.  This is probably the one hundredth time making this in my pressure cooker and air fryer and it gets better every time I make it. Now, I do not have any actual recipe for my meat loaf.  I just eyeball it and throw some ground beef in a bowl, add an egg and ketchup, little bit of mustard, A1 sauce, BBQ sauce, dill, parsley, a bit of salt, and breadcrumbs mixed with parmesan cheese.  One can just add what they like to their meatloaf.  Season to your liking.  For me this time, it was a hit in my house!

Now, I have some real picky eaters in my family, and it isn’t always easy to get my meals where everyone likes it. There is usually one of my kids or my husband who doesn’t quite like what I make 100%. My daughter doesn’t like green beans, while my son doesn’t like tomatoes. My husband is not a big fan of chicken, hates onions, or anything with a lot of spice to it. LOL! It’s impossible to make everybody happy. 

However, every now and then I get it right and everyone is happy and gobbles up their meal with no complaints.  This meal is one of my favorites to make because:

  1. It is a one pot meal wherein I am making two dishes at the same time.
  2. I just set it and forget it.  I can do other things while my pot is doing the work for me. 
  3. It’s a healthy, easy meal that only takes me about an hour from start to finish.

After I have washed my potatoes, then I poke each one with a fork, I throw them into my Cosori pot with one cup of water. Then I make a foil bowl for my meat loaf and place that on top of the potatoes in my Cosori pot, close the lid and set my pot to 30 minutes on high pressure. I do a slow release and then, to get that nice juicy crust on top, I transfer the meatloaf from the pot to air fryer and set it to 10 minutes at 400 degrees.  This is after I drizzle some BBQ sauce over the top of it, of course.  Now, if one does not have an air fryer, they could just place meatloaf in an oven safe dish and broil for 5 to 10 minutes according to ones liking.    

One could also try baking potatoes in the oven with the meatloaf right beside the potatoes.  That can be just as easy.  However, I prefer to use my pot and air fryer as this prevents me from having to heat up the house using my oven.  I have owned my Cosori pressure cooker for about two years now and love it.  I use it for just about everything.  I use my pressure cooker, easily, every day.  It is just like the more “popular” brand which I won’t mention its name.  I even used it last year for my Thanksgiving Turkey.  It was a turkey breast, but it was so easy and the best turkey we ever had.  The meat was so tender and juicy.  It made my Thanksgiving less stressful as I had most of my dishes in Crock Pots or Pressure Cookers.  That freed up my oven so that I, then, only had to focus on one or two dishes that needed baking like dinner roles or dressing.  Anyways, that is for another post in which I will share with yawl how you can cook a turkey breast or a small turkey in your 6 quart pressure cooker and it will only take about an hour to an hour and a half if you include the sautéing and the gravy. 

I hope that this helps someone who needs ideas for dinner.  I know it can be difficult to come up with something every single day for every single meal.  Also, by all means, give me a few ideas as I am constantly being asked, “Ma!  What’s for dinner?”